Communication Skills

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Communication Skills

Communication Skills

1-Day Course Packed With

Essentials Communication Theories

and Effective Methods

Includes Interactive Exercises and Trainer Guides




This course is designed to accommodate two types of delegates with optional content that are provided. Some content are ideal for delegates who already know each other and are perhaps working as a team and want to enhance their inter-communication skills. A difference set of optional content is designed for those delegates who don’t know each other and are looking forward to improve their general communication skills with colleagues, clients, managers and employees. The course is full of many group exercises encouraging delegates to put what they have learned to use several times from different angles until they fully learn the skills and can use them naturally when necessary.


By the end of this course the delegates will be able to:

 Use different communication styles when needed based on circumstances
 Express your ideas assertively, confidently and precisely
 Ask the right questions for the right reasons
 Discover what you know about yourself and how others think of you
 Avoid misunderstandings and overcome communication barriers
 Empathize to establish trust and communicate effectively
 Deliver your potentially negative message and get a good response
 Read and interpret body language and gestures while communicating with others

Communication skills

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