Way to go, Teacher!

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kcDear Teacher,

You DO NOT hear this enough.  Great job, today!  Really.  Way to go!

It may have not been the best day ever, but you did do some things right.  You did some things well.  You did some things great!

You reached that student that rarely pays attention.

You caused some “aha” moments.

That one student, you know who I am talking about, actually sat still and did not disrupt.

Work was complete.

Thinking was thought.

Ideas were idea-ed.

Understanding was understood.

You did it.

You taught.

You did what you do.

Great job!

Way to go!

Look back and see what went well.  Don’t dwell on what went wrong.  Change the things you can change, see where you did things right, and put it all together to get ready for tomorrow.

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