Student Engagement And Motivation Tips

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images (23)How to engage and motivate your students?

One of the most powerful classroom management strategies available to teachers is the provision of learning activities which actively engage students during the lesson. When students arrive at the lesson in a motivated state, eager to take part — and then apply themselves to a given task – there is far less likelihood that their behaviour will become a problem.

Like most teachers, you have probably tried a wide range of student engagement and motivation strategies to deal with disruptive students but if you are looking for a reliable SYSTEM which has been proven to raise motivation and engagement levels among the most uninterested, dispassionate learners, you’ll love this video series.

In this video Rob Plevin from Behaviour Needs Ltd explains some of the key elements you can include in your lessons to engage more students. In the next and last video in this series I’ll give you some practical examples of these elements which you can use in your lessons to get more students taking part.

Here’s the video:

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