Lucidchart Diagramming for Education

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Lucidchart is an easy-to-use application for drawing flowcharts, Venn diagrams, mind maps, and other diagrams. Now students and even entire classrooms can collaborate in real time on visual projects!

 What is Lucidchart??


Lucidchart is a web-based diagramming tool that makes drawing diagrams fast and easy. Students can work individually on assignments or with an unlimited number of other classmates to create and edit diagrams in real time — great for group projects.

What I can do using Lucidchart? (Features):

  • Get started immediately with no learning curve
  • Work together to create diagrams in real-time
  • Insert diagrams into reports and presentation

Here are the features you can get when using Lucidchart:


Hundreds of Templates and Examples:
– Flowcharts
– Venn Diagrams
– Graphic Organizers
– Mind Maps
– Org Charts
– Wireframes / Mockups

Powerful and Easy to Use:
– Choose from hundreds of shapes
– Drag and drop to add your own images
– Export as PDF, PNG, and JPG
– Embed diagrams in blogs or wikis
– Interactive mockups with hotspots and states

– Real time collaboration with changes synced instantaneously
– Unlimited number of simultaneous collaborators
– Powerful version control, with full revision history

For more information about Lucidchart you can visit:

Reviews: “The process of creating a chart can help students visualize and process the parts of a multifaceted problem or concept. Lucidchart makes it easy for students to create charts and share their charts.” “The web-based, clean interface allows for the collaborative creation of diagrams and flowcharts for publishing. I recommend this tool as fast, easy to learn, and collaborative.”

Teacher?? Request Lucidchart!

Lucidchart provides free educational licenses that include all premium features to schools and universities. Request a free license at


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