Parent/Guardian notification letter

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Here’s a  written communication that can be sent to parents to inform them about areas of concern that the teacher is having some problems with their child.







Dear Parent/Guardian of _________________________________,


The purpose of this communication is to inform you that I am presently experiencing some problems with your child. I would greatly appreciate your cooperation in working with me in trying to take corrective measures to eliminate problems.


The attitudes and habits listed below are important elements that are definitely essential in order to maintain stability within the classroom. Furthermore, they must be corrected in order for your child to develop his/her maximum potential.


Please observe the items below which represent the areas in which we’re experiencing difficulties:




_____Excessive talking                              _____Disturbs learning environment

_____Lack of effort                                     _____Inattentive

_____Excessive tardiness                          _____Bad attitude

_____Disrespectful to the teacher/staff _____ Disrespectful to classmates

_____Not prepared for class                     _____Incomplete homework

_____Does not complete work on time _____Not cooperating

_____Using words of profanity                   _____Sleeping in the class

_____Eating chewing gum                        _____ Standing without permission

_____ Cutting class                                       _____ For Detention

_____Inappropriate materials (toys,etc) _____ Low scores (Quiz, Class work)

_____ Is failing at this time                           _____ Request parent conference


Additional Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.



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