A List of New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

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A resolution can be defined as a goal directed at a specific area in which there is a perceived deficiency or weakness. January 1st of each year represents a time that many people create their own resolutions as we roll into the new calendar year. While many resolutions are broken before the end of January, this time of year provides a chance for self-reflection and an opportunity to address glaring issues.

As teachers, we should always strive to improve. Self assessing is a necessary part of being a teacher. Teaching is a broad field; thus there are many possible resolutions for teachers that can drive improvement. Every teacher is unique in that we all have our own individual strengths and weaknesses. A resolution that resonates with one teacher may not necessarily ring true with another.

The following are twenty-five common New Year’s resolutions for teachers. While each of them may not currently resonate with you, I hope they provoke a time of thought and reflection as we move into next year. Happy New Years!

25. As a teacher, I must improve my turn around time for grading papers. I will strive to have papers graded and recorded within three days from the time that they are due.

24. As a teacher, I must communicate more with parents. I will strive to make at least five parent contacts each week and ensure that at least two of them are positive in nature.

23. As a teacher, I must spend more time preparing each week. I will arrive at school thirty minutes earlier and stay thirty minutes later each day.

22. As a teacher, I must reorganize my room. I will commit several days to this project restructuring all furniture, updating bulletin boards, organizing files and papers, etc.

21. As a teacher, I must make a better effort to be a leader. I will find ways to improve my school, and will be a part of the solution rather than the problem.

20. As a teacher, I must build stronger relationships with my fellow teachers. I will spend time each day getting to know them better on a personal basis, asking for advice, and building rapport.

19. As a teacher, I must continuously try to improve. I will commit to creating engaging lessons, attend dynamic professional development opportunities, and study the latest research in education.

18. As a teacher, I must thoroughly understand the Common Core State Standards for my grade level and subject. I will do an independent alignment study comparing my current curriculum with the Common Core State Standards.

17. As a teacher, I must take the time to examine the deeper root of a student issue. I will gather background information on each of my students so that I can identify a solution to help them be a better student.

16. As a teacher, I must be a better listener. I will not jump to conclusions. I will listen to my students and their parents before making a decision. I will use their feedback as a guide for change when it is justifiable.

15. As a teacher, I must become more adept at classroom management. I will handle the majority of issues myself and will refrain from sending students to the office unless I can document other avenues I have taken, or there is a serious issue such as a fight, drugs, alcohol, etc.

14. As a teacher, I must do a better job at documenting. I will document all parent contacts and situations with students that I deem to be important. This will help protect me and could also help me identify a pattern of behavior.

13. As a teacher, I must reach out to the community outside the school. I will invite community members to read to my class, to eat lunch with our class, and will send them periodic updates concerning my classroom.

12. As a teacher, I must recognize the value that all support personnel brings to our school. I will make sure they know that I appreciate them. I will get to know each of the personally. I will tell them thank you as often as I can.

11. As a teacher, I must figure out a way to reach little Johnny. I will think outside of the box to motivate him. I will spend one on one time with him whenever I have the opportunity. I will help him realize his potential no matter what it takes.

10. As a teacher, I must build a Personal Learning Network. I will use social media outlets such as Twitter to connect with other teachers around the country because I realize that it is a valuable tool for personal growth and development and can also be a support system.

9. As a teacher, I must build a healthy relationship with my principal. I will seek them out for advice, offer to serve on committees or help them out in any way I can, and most importantly I will do my job.

8. As a teacher, I must ensure that I give my students the opportunity to be successful in life. I will teach them everything I am required to teach and then some. I will teach them valuable life skills when they are appropriate. I will discuss good decision making and will be a model of moral and ethical living.

7. As a teacher, I must not be afraid to incorporate technology into my lessons. I will implement technology into my lessons on a daily basis. I will seek out the latest technology to see if it is applicable to my classroom.

6. As a teacher, I must not be overwhelmed and stressed out. I will make time for myself and my family. I will not let my students get to me. I will take control of the situation without being miserable.

5. As a teacher, I must find my passion for teaching again. I will remember that I love the opportunity to mold and shape our young people. I will remember that I love the content I teach. I will remember that I chose to be a teacher because I can make a difference.

4. As a teacher, I must become more politically involved. I will advocate for my rights as a teacher. I will be active in my teacher’s union. I will vote for candidates that support education and value teachers like me.

3. As a teacher, I must embrace constructive criticism. I will listen to what my principal or my mentor teacher tells me. I will use their advice to make changes. I will not be offended because I realize that they are trying to make me a better teacher.

2. As a teacher, I must demonstrate the ability to handle adversity. I will be sensitive to life altering events that my students or fellow teachers may be going through. I will go the extra mile to show them that I care. I will remain calm, consistent, and a rock in tough times.

1. As a teacher, I must not get complacent. I will find ways to improve. I will become better each day. I will learn from my mistakes.


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