5 classroom management strategies to get student attention

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One of the most challenging aspects of teaching when it comes to classroom management is getting attention from noisy students and challenging groups.

Like most teachers, you have probably tried a wide range of classroom management strategies to deal with disruptive students but unless you have a proven system for dealing with classroom management problems as they occur (i.e. a classroom management plan), successfully managing a rowdy, changing group can be very difficult.

Without doubt, one of the most important classroom management strategies a teacher needs is a way of gaining attention from a challenging group and getting them to listen to instructions. It’s obvious – if they don’t listen to your instructions, how can they do as you ask? How can you expect them to behave?

In this short video Rob Plevin explains 5 practical, proven classroom & behaviour management strategies to get student attention in a noisy classroom. The video is a sample from  Behaviour-ology resource site, where you can find other kinds of classroom management strategies and tips including videos from classroom management courses.

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