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What is an infographic?

It is a visual way to show data and content using engaging photos and images instead of just numbers and words. Use infographics to showcase complex ideas clearly and in an eye pleasing way. View infographics that have been gathered from the web to share with others. Create a profile as a portfolio and create Infographics that can be shared with others. Click Explore to see some of the best infographics made in a variety of subject areas. Upload your own infographic designs to be viewed by others. Check back on this site as they create data visualization tools that you can use to create your own. Illustrating your content creates a richer experience and prevents misconceptions.


Increase visual literacy and greater understanding of concepts and numbers using infographics. Use examples as conversation starters at the beginning of class or at the start of a unit. Showcase this site and provide time for the students to look over the infographics. Brainstorm how they are compelling, show data in a better way, which ones are visibly better, and why certain colors and images are used, etc, Create your own infographic using data and material learned throughout the class to provide a solid framework from which to add new ideas. Focus on showing the patterns and connections between data and including concepts to aid understanding and to tell a story about what the data actually means. Connect curriculum topics and terms such as energy conservation to real world applications, such as graphics of the number of gallons of oil each American uses per year.

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