Teachers Roadmap to The Use of Twitter in Education

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Twitter is a social network of huge importance for us in education. We have posted several articles about it here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning and there is even a separate section where you can access all the educational tools you might need to effectively leverage Twitter in your teaching and learning.

twitter on education

There are several ways we can use Twitter in education and here is briefly a set of  some of the most important ones that you need to keep in your mind while using this social network.

  • Hold after class discussions
  • Create an online community of students
  • Ask questions relevant to course materials
  • Start backchannel talks
  • Create a classroom hashtag
  • Use it for class announcements
  • Get feedback from students
  • Share interesting online materials
  • Pass on information about events
  • Have a Twitter account for each class
  • Reward participation
  • Integrate Twitter into Syllabus



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