Five Free Web 2.0 Tools to Support Innovative Education 2

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2. Edcanvas (11)

Edcanvas is a fairly new free Web 2.0 tool. I see so much potential for it as a support system for good, strong lesson plans. The education community is growing at Edcanvas, and developer Amy Lin (12) blogs about product updates here (13).

Here’s what the Edcanvas team has to say about their tool: “Edcanvas is the one place for teachers to create and deliver lessons digitally. Teachers and students can use Edcanvas to organize their work and present knowledge.” Pretty neat concept.

Through the use of canvases that you build and create following simple steps, you are organizing, presenting and sharing online resources with your students and colleagues in a way that’s vibrant and unique. Visit the Edcanvas home page to see how it works and how easy it can be to start building and sharing a great lesson. Once there, you’ll see and experience tons of resources that you can start using right away to enhance your lessons. Here’s an example of a canvas already created by Anthony Evans (14) on Sentence Writing (15). Lastly, here is a short 38-second video (16) that shows how easy it is to create an Edcanvas.

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